Case Studies

A market-leading B2B Professional Services firm

The problem
“Our pitch conversion rate is good, but not great. Why?”

The solution
We used Predictive Profiling® and Political Mapping® to identify the barriers, motivations and perceptions that were influencing customer behaviour in both the US and UK.

We found that there are two major customer archetypes in their marketplace (‘leaders’ and ‘teachers’), each with distinct wants, needs and decision-making processes. The problem was that the client’s entire marketing and pitch process was geared towards the wants and needs of leaders, ignoring the teacher archetype almost entirely.

The result
Within four weeks, our profiling techniques (and the golden questions with which we armed the pitch team) helped the client to convert a valuable ‘teacher’ prospect that previously they’d been struggling to impress.

“Our biggest client win in years, and a team that knows exactly how to engage its customers in order to drive bigger and better sales – a game changer.” – Client CEO

A billon-dollar turnover global Telco business

The problem
“We need to prove to the Board that our investment in marketing is working. We collect lots of data, but we still have no insight.”

The solution
Our Brand Edge® product helped identify a range of metrics including Share of Voice and Conversational Effectiveness in a number of key verticals across a number of different markets around the world. Our analysis highlighted a range of competitor threats and opportunities, and made recommendations about how these could be addressed – without increasing marketing spend.

The result
“I was able not only to justify to the Board how worthwhile our existing spend had been, but also to recommend efficiencies and opportunities for new investment that we just hadn’t seen before.” – Client CMO

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