Our Approach

We deliver actionable insights and strategic advice that transform sales and marketing performance.

Our work is driven by three core beliefs:

It is not enough to ask buyers what they think.

95% of all our decision-making is non-conscious. This means that most people do not understand why they behave as they do. What’s more, social factors mean that they will lie when asked to explain it to others.

Our work harnesses cutting-edge business psychology from around the world to uncover what B2B buyers really think and feel.

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What gets measured gets done.

Many clients spend money on sales, marketing and communications without understanding how such investment is driving their business.

Our work harnesses best practice in measurement, tracking and evaluation. It delivers benchmarks and dashboards that track key metrics such as Share of Voice and Conversational Effectiveness.

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Foot thick reports aren’t useful.

No client needs to see more PowerPoint. Insights connect best when they reported in ways that are relevant, pithy and accessible.

Our work tells clients only what they need to know, in formats that foster the right strategic and creative conversations.

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How we work

    Facts beat opinions.

Particularly facts gathered using the latest advances in psychology and technology, structured to yield insight and impact.

    Stick to the bare essentials

Real insight will bring focus and energy – but only when you tell people what they need to know, in ways that engage them.

    Fat-free thinking

Time is money. Agile projects + short presentations + small teams = cost-effective solutions.