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Buyer Psychology

Traditional market research asks people what they think and feel, and how they behave. This approach is now widely discredited.

Aperture’s unique range of psychological products allows us to look beyond what B2B buyers say to identify the non-conscious emotions and values that drive 95% of customer behaviour.

We employ Chartered Psychologists who are uniquely qualified to deliver objective and academically valid findings.

Our products are both qualitative and quantitative in nature, and can work with small as well as large sample sizes in all global markets.

Interested in learning more? Download our psychology primer.

Predictive Profiling®

“How do I understand what my target audience really wants and needs from their interactions with our business?” “How do I make sure that my marketing is triggering the right emotions?” “How can I identify what my buyers really want to hear when they’re sat in front of me?”

Predictive Profiling® helps clients uncover the deep psychological drivers that affect all buyer interactions in a given category. It identifies the psychological ‘stumbling blocks’ that often lead buyers to say one thing and do another. It can also help predict what the non-conscious reactions to different sales strategies, marketing campaigns or messaging approaches are likely to be.

“In the course of four weeks, we learned that everything we’d been doing for 20 years was turning off a whole section of our market – and won our biggest client for three years.”

Read about the transformative results that our Buyer Psychology products delivered for one B2B Professional Services firm.

Political Mapping®

“How do I know what conversations are happening when we’re out of the room?” “How do I identify who really has the decision-making power?” “Why did it all seem to be going so well, only for politics to trip us up?”

Political Mapping® helps clients understand, interrogate and predict the decision-making processes that different prospective customer organisations employ. It looks beyond what customers claim about their sign-off processes to identify where authority really sits, what forms of communication really happen, and what unseen group dynamics can turn a ‘sure bet’ into a ‘should have been’.

When used alongside Predictive Profiling®, Political Mapping® builds a complete picture of the deep-rooted individual and group psychology that determines how well sales and marketing performs.

Together, these products are unique in the B2B marketplace in both innovation and impact.

Buyer Behaviour

Markets move fast. Channels and platforms fragment. The competition is often unpredictable.

Yet, for many B2B firms, the marketing model remains unchanged. Received wisdom about what works and what doesn’t guides communications development, leading to results that are either questionable or plain unknown.

Aperture’s Buyer Behaviour products look beyond instinct. They identify where and how buyers really search for information, and to help clients understand how well their brand is performing in this context.

When used alongside our Buyer Psychology products, they help marketers re-plan their strategies to deliver unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Path to Purchase®

“How do customers in my category search for information?” “What kind of content drives the biggest difference to brand preference?” “If 70% of the buying process happens before a prospect even makes contact, what does my marketing need to be doing to influence sales outcomes?”

Path to Purchase® maps what information customers search for, where, and how, throughout the entire buying journey. It identifies which channels make the difference at long-listing stage, which content improves your chances during short-listing, and which messaging you should amplify at RFP.

Brand Edge®

“What conversations are really driving our market?” “How effectively is our brand positioned against the competition?” “How is our share of voice changing, and what can we do about that?”

Brand Edge® is a unique measurement and dashboard system that enables key marketing metrics to be established and tracked simultaneously in different verticals, in different markets around the world. Dashboards are designed with individual client needs in mind, but common metrics include Share of Voice, Conversational Distribution (Owned & Earned), Conversational Effectiveness, Reach, and Relevancy.

Read about the transformative results that our Brand Edge® product delivered for a global Telco firm.