Why we exist

So much B2B marketing fails to fulfil its potential.

Products that fail to fully connect. Content that doesn’t entice or excite. Brands that don’t keep their promises. The list goes on.

Businesses sometimes believe that this is because their marketers lack ideas, talent, or old-fashioned elbow grease. So, Sales blames Marketing when the numbers are down; Marketing gets no credit when the numbers are up. Not exactly motivating, given that Sales needs Marketing to generate and nurture leads.

The reason that B2B marketing doesn’t fulfil its potential is a lack of genuine insight about how audiences really think, feel and behave, and how markets operate and evolve. Deep-rooted assumptions halt progress: ‘customers are rational’, ‘sales processes don’t change’. But if these things are true, why do good products fail? Why do many businesses lose out to more expensive competition? Why is demand generation so hard?

To support sales properly, marketers need to look far beyond their well-worn assumptions to find moments of genuine revelation about their audiences. Expensive subscriptions won’t help; they just make the same old information available to everyone, and help people cherry-pick data in support of the same old arguments.

What’s needed is a new kind of actionable insight, from a new kind of insight agency: one that gathers unique data to help businesses understand and address the unique issues they face.

That’s why we’re here.