Why we exist

We exist to help B2B organisations understand their customers better.

It’s a fascinating yet extremely tough time to be a B2B marketer right now.

01 – Markets in flux

Many markets are in a state of flux, with regulatory changes and technological advancements driving a huge amount of uncertainty. Consolidation amongst your customer base is rife, either in the form of companies acquiring one another, or from internal departments merging to drive operational efficiencies, and increased competition is arriving from anywhere, at any time. It’s an increasingly complex B2B landscape.

We help simplify the complex.

02 – The modern B2B buyer

Then we have the B2B buying audience, who are fundamentally disconnected from the B2B vendors on day to day basis. Long gone are the days when we could control the linear flow of information between buyer and seller. The time-honoured techniques of trade shows, plus trade media, plus sales reps still work to a point, but rarely in isolation. Nowadays the B2B buyer, who is likely to be millennial in behaviour if not in demography, is empowered and self-educated to the point that the vast bulk of their purchase decision is made long before they entertain any form of sales call. In addition a recent study (albeit by Google…) shows that 70% of modern B2B buyers start their research with an internet search, with 58% of them actually trusting Google more than a sales rep.

We help you serve your customers’ genuine wants and needs.

03 – The decision-making ecosystem

The problems then run deeper when we learn that B2B organisations also have an extremely diverse and connected ecosystem of influence sitting around them. We can no more rely on targeting just the ‘IT decision maker’ in a business, or any single role at all. Anything from a handful of important influencers to over 100 people in some industries now exist. These ecosystems are critical, but the problem is, in nearly all cases, you’re not in it…

We help you understand who your customer is and how they behave.

04 – Nobody cares

With over 27m pieces of content released every day it is no wonder that some estimates suggest that 80% of content never actually gets read. Whilst B2B organisations rely heavily on content-based initiatives to get closer to their customers, many of them have little to no understanding on what content is needed and why.

We help you understand what content your customers crave.

With this as the backdrop, what happens when the markets are constantly moving? When the B2B buyer is unrecognisable from the buyer we were so well connected to in the past? What happens when the buying ecosystem is no longer limited to a handful of people you know well? Or how do we ensure that our content and messaging works better than anyone else’s?

It’s a simple answer.

B2B organisations must understand their customers better. They must know what drives them, what they are looking for, why the behave as they do.

This is why we exist.